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We are Shenzhen Ou Xuan Mei Trading Co., Ltd, established in 2016. In the past two years, we have become the leading provider for household furniture, thanks to our diligent stuff and your sincere trust on us.


What makes us different is the fact that we really care about every customer. We make our products reliable, durable and robust. We have satisfied customers from all over the world who has proved that we are on the right way to deliver what you really want.


We know you take product quality seriously, and that's why we provide warranties that really mean something. We offer the fastest shipping and hassle free returns. Whats more, we have unmatched customer service available within 24 hours. Most importantly, we care, we care about every valued customer.


Our commitment is to be a reliable and trustworthy partner for all of you to enjoy our products and service.


Homemax is the choice of over 500 stuff, and Homemaxs should be your choice as well.