We fully understand the significance of influencersattribute in boosting brand ranking, thats why wed like to build this win-win affiliate program with you to build a brilliant future for all of us together.


Homemaxs Affiliate Program Offers:

1.Free Product by FBA Shipping

2.Discount on Your Preferred Item


For Regular Tester with good performance

1.Priority on Testing New Arrival

2.Free choice on which item to test

3.Certain Commission 

Who is eligible to apply for Homemaxs Affiliate Program?

No matter you are good at writing word-craft blog, producing appealing Youtube video, catching fantastic photograph, or have many followers on your social media account like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, as long as you can drive high traffic and boost sales, then you are the right one we are looking for.


What're your responsibilities?

The influencer is expected to test and provide a detailed and unbiased evaluation on the sample within one week of receiving the device. If you failed to keep your words without further notice, you will be moved to our blacklist and shall never apply again.


How to apply?

Please contact us at, including the item name and asin, social media links, we will get back to influencers who are qualified to become our partners within 3 business days.