HOMEMAXS Dinning Chair Covers Chair Protector Waterproof Bigger Size with Adjustable Belt Strap for Most Chairs Clear, 2 Pack

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    If you have nice upholstered dining room chairs, every meal can be a flirtation with disaster when you have young children.

    Sure, some spills can be cleaned off if you catch them soon enough, but others leave permanent stains. And even at best, repeated spot-cleaning and scrubbing will leave your chairs looking dingy and worn.

    With HOMEMAXS 2PCS clear PVC dining room chair covers, you won't have to worry at mealtime again.

    You could host a whole roomful of kids for a party and not give a second thought to the inevitable ice cream dribbles and soft drink spills. This chair protector will give you best solution to protect scuffs and other wear.

    Most importantly, these chair covers for dining room has prolong its width and length comparing with ASIN: B06X3VRKS4.

    • Unfolded Dimensions: About 30.7 x 30.3 x 4.52 inch/ 78 x 77 x 11.5cm(L*W*H).
    • Package including: 2 * HOMEMAXS Chair Protectors Fits most chairs.

    Now you can easily cover your chairs with complete protection!

    1. PROLONG SIZE FITS MOST DINNING CHAIRS: Display size around 55×45cm is large enough and perfect for most dinning chairs with 19-21 inch in length. These chair seat covers also use self-adhesive strap at front to adjust the size to fit your chairs.
      STAY TIGHTLY & EASY TO ASSEMBLE: These dining char seat covers are simple to put on and take off. You just need to tie the strap at the back through the buckle and pull it to a proper position, it'll remain tight and unlikely to move.
      WATERPROOF & STAIN RESISTANT: These dining room seat covers will keep your chairs safe from food and drink spills, scuffing, and general wear. Most spills, no matter what they are, will be wipe off with just a damp sponge.
      GREAT QUALITY & CRYSTAL CLEAR DESIGN: The beauty of your chairs will show through these clear dinning chair covers, because they are made of almost-invisible PVC polymer material with great quality.
      ONE YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Please feel free to EMAIL us for refund or replacement if you’re unsatisfied with this product. We will give you the best service to guarantee your satisfaction.