HOMEMAXS Toilet Brush

SRP: $15.99
  • ERGONOMIC MODERN DESIGN- While some other toilet brushes are unsightly, the HOMEMAXS toilet brush is designed to hygienically and aesthetically keep your toilet clean and make it look beautiful for years. Its modern style and white color will complement your existing bathroom accessories and modern decor for a super-coordinated finish

  • SOFT AND DENSE BRUSH BRISTLES. This brush comes with long and soft and dense bristles that can protect your toilet from scratching also efficient in removing all stubborn stains without stress offering you a reliable support for a life time

  • DURABLE AND PRACTICAL HANDLE. The long length of HOMEMAXS toilet brush modern design is 39 cm. This ensures you have a good reach as you wash your toilet easier. It is constructed with plated stainless steel handle that is very strong and will never rust or break off. The circular disc design of our toilet brush protects your hands from stains and splashes as you wash your toilet

  • HYGIENIC CLOSED BOTTOM DESIGN. This brush sits in its own holder when it's not in use. Perfect for storing the brush out of sight and the cleaning fluid can be placed at the bottom to ensure optimum cleaning so that bacteria, odor causing mold and mildew stay away. Our dense construction and extra-large design ensures the brush stays firmly in place

  • RISK-FREE PURCHASE- HOMEMAXS products are sold with FULL MONEY BACK guarantee! If for any reason you are not satisfied with this purchase, kindly contact us and we will give you full refund, no questions asked!

Product Specification

HOMEMAXS toilet brush kit comes with its own custom fitted canister holder of white sparkling plastic. The stainless steel handle
has an in built lid for the holder. Whenever you`re done with the brush, just drop it into the holder as it will become
a neatly organized unit. Nothing shows except the shiny white plastic and the silvery stainless steel. The holder catches
any drips from the brush as well. Isn’t that cool?

When you are washing your toilet, your hands will never be messed up because our toilet brush has a lid that acts as a barrier between
your hands and the dirty job.

Our products come with a full money back guarantee! If for any reason you are not satisfied with this purchase, we guarantee hassle
free refunds, no questions asked!

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