HOMEMAXS High-end Long Handle Multi-functional Cordless Electric Telescoping Power Scrubber Cleaning

SRP: $119.99

Are you tired of having too many scrubbers dancing all around your house? Do you wish to have just one special scrubber that can perform a lot of tasks?
This Telescopic Power Spin Scrubber for Tub and Tile Scrubber is that solution you have been waiting for! This scrubber comes in five packs which includes.

1.Hard short brush: This brush is suitable for scrubbing mess on hard tile floor, bathroom, swimming pool, balcony, and other rugged dirt.
2.Long bristle brush: This brush is responsible for the maintenance of toilet bowl, car wheels, door gaps and more.
3.Cotton flannel pad: This is used for cleaning any flat bathroom, bathtub, sinks, wall, etc.
4.Scouring pad: This is used to deep cleaning oil stain on kitchen, comprehensive.
5.Sponge brush: This is mainly used to clean window glasses, car windows, and mirror Rechargeable battery.

This scrubber has a built-in battery (10.8V/2000mAh) which are made by Samsung, comes from Samsung original facility, 
this POWER SCRUBBER will give you a long time usage! It can keep working 2 hours after full charged!

Convenient to use 
With the super foldable design of this scrubber, it can be used handheld or you can easily attach the extension to reach up to 5 feet from your hand. 
It has a 90° rotatable spin head which helps to thoroughly clean any place and hidden corners. This durable scrubber allows you to clean up high 
and down low without bending. 

High-torque spinning power
The use of reducer has a super -rotating force, showing a strong power that helps to remove the stubborn stains that required much strength 
and effort to remove. This scrubber is designed to about 170RPM which has successfully applied to small products.

Package Contents: 
1 x spin scrubber 
1 x Charger Adapter 
5 x brush heads 
1 x Velcro pad 
1 x Collecting base 
1 x Telescoping tube 
1 x User manual

Product Specification

Delightful Effect: This HOMEMAXS Power Scrubber can be used to work through soap scum, mildew, grime, it has a Flexible bristles which gets into cracks and crevices with supreme effectiveness!(Give Gap Cleaning Brushes)this power scrubber has a Telescopic and Foldable design which allows you to clean up high and down low without stress.
5 Super Scrubber head: This scrubber includes 5 Spin brush heads, extension arm and charger. This Spin Scrubber brush heads can be used indoor and outdoor. This scrubber has a Cordless feature which makes bathroom cleaning more convenient and hassle-free.
Wireless Scrubber: You don't have to worry if the cord of this scrubber will disturb you in cleaning other area. You'll have a blast whirling away grime from tile, mirrors, floors, and more with the powerful Scrubber. We design this reducer about 170RPM which has successfully applied to small products.
Unique Waterproof Feature: This scrubber is more effective than a traditional cleaning brush, you do not need to wave your hand too much, it's easier to wipe away the dirt. The water-proof seal design makes it safe to operate under wet conditions. Waterproof IPx7 functional testing certification available. This host can achieve waterproof level that is impervious to water.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: As a brand we believe in quality! All our scrubbers are 100% strong. We provided 15 month warranty period. If you have any unsatisfied or problem for our product, please contact us in advance.

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